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The members of Brick’s Team, have sold over 500 homes in North and South Natomas since 2003…That’s Success!

Brick’s Team offers the home buyer and seller MORE THAN 100 YEARS of combined experience in the Sacramento County Real Estate market …That’s Experience! 

They have particular expertise with real estate properties in Sacramento, North Natomas, Natomas Park, Westlake, Heritage Park, Creekside, Natomas Creek, Natomas Crossing, South Natomas, Downtown, Midtown, East Sacramento, Carmichael, Arden Park, Pocket, Greenhaven, Riverlake and Woodland.

Marsha, Michael and Holly have earned a reputation for offering unparalleled service to their clients by being flexible, focused and totally committed. Our Testimonials section will eloquently backup this assertion. Our Team Management and support staff  have one main common goal….your successful transaction. Direct access to Brick, Holly, or whichever team member you have chosen to work with assures you of a smooth and frustration-free experience in buying or selling real estate.


Brick’s Team Testimonials
At Brick’s Team we are constantly striving to produce the best results for our clients. Below are a number of unsolicited comments, which indicate we are having some success.

Brick’s Team Real Estate brokers NatomasBy the end of our first meeting, Marsha won us over. She came prepared and was a consummate professional, right through our signing of the final documents.
It couldn’t have been better.

William and Denise Bannister


Marsha is the best. She held our hands all the way through this process. She was professional and a friend at the same time. We have much love and respect for Marsha.

George and Tracy Williams


The Bricks Real Estate team was instrumental in my becoming a Realtor in Dr. Phillips Florida just outside of Orlando. The homes for sale here are very much consistent with the same market and their advice and influence has been invaluable.  Paul at HomesForSaleDrPhillips.Com


Thank you again very much for all your fabulous work on staying on top of everything and for being very responsive to all emails/phone calls, etc. Your professionalism is exceptional and should be commended. If you need me to write any reviews, please do not hesitate to ask. I will tell my friends and former co-workers about you and refer them to you if they should need assistance with buying or selling real estate.

Take care, Jimmy


Marsha Bateson is the most amazing Realtor in California! We have just bought a home in Sacramento with Marsha’s help, and she has been a delight to work with during the entire process. She is the extremely professional and thorough, and even our banker was very impressed with her and wants to work with her in the future.

Marsha sent me emails after 10:30 pm at night to answer questions that I had. I called her throughout the day, and she was always available. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who would like to buy a home. Thank you Marsha, you are simply the best!!

Jennifer T


Marsha was amazing! She’s patient, informative and takes a personal and professional approach throughout the entire process.

Yes, I would recommend her without a doubt.

Kinberley Braziel


Dear Marsha,

Well, we did it! Congratulations on the successful transaction close. I want to take time to thank you again for being so professional in dealing with every issue, keeping me informed at every step, and making the transaction smooth for me and my Sellers. Doing business with a real estate professional like you has made this transaction a pleasure and I want you to know how much I appreciate your assistance.

I enjoyed working with you and hope we’ll have the pleasure to work together again soon. I wish you and you Buyer the very best!

Sincerely, Greg Batchelder


Dear Bricks Team

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Marsha Bateson and we are delighted with the excellent customer service she gave us throughout the last five months. She is terrific at keeping us updated on a weekly and sometimes daily basis to keep us apprised as to the status of our sale.

She was diligent with holding open houses and really did a fantastic marketing job as well. We love Marsha and would not hesitate to refer friends and family to her for business. She is indeed one of a kind and is always smiling and upbeat.

A lot of us are going through hard times these days and great customer service is very difficult to find in this unfortunate economy. Thank you, Marsha and Bricks Team for everything.

Sincerely, Lou and Joanna Bergez’


Thanks Marsha! I have really enjoyed working with you on this! I sincerely hope we can stay in touch.

When you met with us early on, I remember you said that in Ann Arbor when you walked down the street, people would invite you to dinner, etc, because you worked with so many people. I can understand now – because you are a great realtor – but more importantly, you are a wonderful person who truly cares for other people and works very hard to make things right.

Anyway, I know we are not done yet, but we’ll get there soon!

Charlene Angelo

Thank you so much for your help and advice with the purchase of the investment home (Maybrook) and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

You’re the best J.

Agnes Fan

We wanted to sell our house fast so we called Bricks Team! Marsha answered and we were delighted. We would definitely recommend her. Marsha took great care of us, she treated us as if we were her only clients – complete focus, very knowledgeable and on the spot!

Marsha is a wonderful agent and our agent for life! J

Jeffery & Kristy Dorton


I had looked at many houses in Natomas and talked to the realtor at each, never finding one that seemed right. Then I walked into a house being shown by Marsha and I knew she was the right one.

I would recommend Marsha because she is so knowledgeable about everything having to do with purchasing a home. She kept in contact with me and answered my emails, usually the same day.

Marsha is truly a professional in her field. She listened to what I said and followed through. Lyon is lucky to have her.

Marsha Mae Ackerman

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